RE Technology Portal – Kids and Real Estate: 5 Tips for Your Sellers

Happy New Year to all!

Did you read last week\’s post: Kids and Real Estate: 5 Tips for Your Buyers? Well today we\’re posting the companion piece, created to help home sellers with young children prepare for the sometimes hectic days and weeks ahead. When you decide to list your house and you have kids, it can seem like you have so much to do to get (and keep) everything in a presentable condition. This list of easy tip and tricks will help sellers with little ones stay calm, cool and collected throughout the sale. It will also help you make sure your listing is attractive to buyers with or without families. You can share these on your website, in your listing package or include them in emails to your clients. 5 Tips for Buyers with Children 1. Be Prepared to Repaint If your kids have brightly painted bedrooms, consider taking the initiative to repaint them using a paint color that sells. A neutral bedroom will appeal to all buyers, whether they have children or not, and can help you avoid costly repainting estimates during contract negotiations. While you\’re at it, check doors, window sills and bannisters to see if they could use a touch up. In addition to repainting and touching up, scan your home for stickers or decals and remove them before taking listing photos. Although they may only seem like little things, you don\’t want potential buyers to see stickers and instantly think of the work they would have to do to remove them if they bought your house. Putting in a little elbow grease will make your home look as move-in ready as possible.

Source: RE Technology Portal – Kids and Real Estate: 5 Tips for Your Sellers

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